Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit

NEXUS TOOLS INDIA – Tubeless Tyre/Tire Repair Kit is designed to repair flat tyres/tires with punctures, which is ideal for repairing tubeless tyre/tire of Cars, Motorcycles, LCVs, Lawnmowers, Bikes, Jeeps.

Technical Data

Color Weight (gms) Code
Kit Color Black and Yellow 400 RST.600.001
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Now repairing punctured tubeless tyres becomes easier than ever with NEXUS TOOLS INDIA Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit. All the tools and repairing ingredients are designed to deliver excellent performance in the time of need. Moreover, they are very easy to use and do not require any special expertise to handle.

Silent Features

    Complete puncture Kit for Tubeless Tyre Repair for Cars, Motorcycles, LCVs, Lawnmowers, Bikes, Jeeps
    Sturdy pistol grip handle repair tool made with special plastic and steel tips.
    Easy operation and quick repair, No need to remove the tire from the rim. This kit will let you repair the puncture quickly and effectively.

The Kit contains the following items :

Product Name Size (Inch) Quantity Code
Spiral probe in pistol grip handle 4 1 RST.601.004
Open eye needle in pistol grip handle 3 1 RST.601.004
Cutting Knife —- 1 RST.603.004
Flap of 5 Repair Strings 4 inch long 1 RST.500.004
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