Electric Test Pen Screw Driver

Nexus Tools Electric test Pen Screw Driver designed for optimum Industrial/Domestic uses.

Silent Features

  • Transparent material handle for better visibility for lighting
  • Ergonomic design-hexagonal shape provides better grip
  • Test range of 100-500v
  • Durable clip- tilted angle,help user easily hang clip on pocket
  • Color – Yellow


NEXUS TOOLS INDIA has a reputation for excellence, reliability and innovation. We manufactures high garage tools and hand tools that are engineered for precision and durability. The Electric Test Pen Screw Driver is manufactured to provide accurate current indications. Our Electric Test Pen sparks up when current ranging between 100-500 Volts on AC power is detected. It has a see through handle so which is quality tested for spark illumination multiple times to ensure user safety.

Our Electric Test Pen is fully insulated blade ensures shock proof working and better cap design-shape of plastic ensure the position of the clip. The test pen handle is designed to provide comfortable hand support and grip. As a result, it enables the user to operate with improved control.

Technical Data

Product Name Size (mm) Code
Electric Test Pen Screw Driver 130 PGT.701.130
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