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We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of Garage Tools, Automobile Tools & consumable products for tyre/tire industry with a focus on quality, expertise, innovation and service support.

Who we are ?

Welcome to NEXUS TOOLS INDIA. We started as a small business specializing in the trading and distribution of Hand Tools, Garage Tools and Automobile Tools in India. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of Garage Tools, with a focus on quality, innovation and support. NEXUS TOOLS INDIA foundation has been established in the year 2020, with our team’s dedication and commitment our business has grown to be a successful and established wholesaler for a wide variety of products.

Included in our variety of highly reliable wide range of high quality products are Hand Tools, Garage Tools, Workshop Tools, Automotive Tools, Tyre Repair and Service Tools, Measurement Instrument and Gardening Tools. These products are manufactured using supreme quality raw material and the most advanced techniques by our prestigious vendors in order to match the global quality standard.

NEXUS TOOLS INDIA are also provide customize tools as per customer’s requirements which can achieve trust and build Long-Term Business relationship. We offer not only our in-house NEXUS brand but also your prominent brand.

Our vision to become a successful hand tools manufacture and very soon we going to establish our own manufacturing unit with the goal to become the best manufacturers of Hand Tools in India.    READ MORE ->

Popular Categories


Wheel Alignment Tools

Wheel Clamp, Finger Tool, Mechanical Turn Table, Steering Wheel Holder, Brake Pedal Depressor.


Wheel Balancing Tools

Wheel Balancing Plier, Adhesive Weight Removing Plier, Adhesive Weight Cutter, Adhesive Weight Remover,


Tyre Valve Tools

Valve Core Screw Driver, Ventifix, Tyre Valve, Pressure Gauge, Valve Cap,


Tyre Repair & Service Tools

Tyre Tread Depth Gauge, Tyre Lubrication Brush, Needles, Tyre Puncture Repair Tools.

Professional Garage Tools

Professional Garage Tools

Files and Rasp, Screw Drivers, Hammers, Spanner, Wrench, Chisels, Pincers & Cutters


Measurement Instrument

Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Measuring Tape, Scale, Cliper


Gardening Hand Tools

Cultivator Head , Weeding Fork, Weeding Trowle, Garden Rake, Pruning Saw, Shear.


Other Tools

Rubber Mallet, Wheel Chock, Rubber Pad for Jacks, Wheel Stopper, Hand Gloves etc

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NEXUS TOOLS INDIA is dedicated to giving you the very best of Garage tools, with a focus on quality, expertise & innovation. We aim to provide our valued customers to high-quality products and with reasonable prices.